Welcome to my page

Greetings! My name is Katherine Blake, and I am an ABD student in the English department at Indiana University.

I passed the second portion of my exams on April 24, 2013 and advanced to candidacy on May 31, 2013. Currently, I have completed one chapter of my dissertation which has been approved by my director. Work on my second chapter is ongoing, but I have submitted a preliminary draft of the chapter to the panel “Exhibiting the Early Modern” at this year’s Shakespeare Association of America conference. I plan to have defended my dissertation by the Spring of 2016. My dissertation, titled “Putting it down: Memory, hybridity, and objects in Shakespeare and Wordsworth,” argues for the importance of the two title authors in shaping modern ideas about memory. It traces the evolution of the metaphorical relationship between memory in writing in Western literature and metaphysics through the work of these two authors.

In addition, I am currently teaching one section of “Introduction to Freshman Composition.” My section belongs to a special sub-category of freshman comp that is specifically for L2 speakers. In the past, I have also taught two other versions of freshman comp, the remedial version of the course and the standard course.


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